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A study at Cornell University found that women are too concerned about not being liked, not looking attractive, outshining others or attracting a lot of attention. 

The search for self-confidence, especially as a female, seems to be an endless journey, due to the finding mentioned above of a fear of insecurity and daily trauma. All this was essential for me to boost my growth in my search for self-knowledge in these three areas of life, work and sports.

Throughout this process I have heard different stories, had conversations with different professionals from different areas, I have also studied and read some books. In conclusion, after all my attempts, the stories and life experiences were more revealing for my process of improvement, for building my confidence, concentrating on my strengths and my achievements, whatever it might be, to focus on what I don't do well.

Due to all this and as a result of feeling uncomfortable with some approaches to women's campaigns in sports or advertising campaigns, I decided to conduct a survey. The goal was to find out what other women feel about it. The results showed that more than 70% of the women I interviewed believe that gym campaigns are either OK, all the same, or very bad. 

With the discoveries I made from my research I decided I had to create this website with the objective of sharing inspiration to help other women through their experiences  and positively impact their lives. Also, the idea is to bring a little more knowledge about the female audience to companies and to present a different approach of their campaigns.

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This is a resilience building programme that uses a dual approach to develop both mental and physical self-defence skills.


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The best way to learn bjj


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